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Managed Lanes




US 281 - Typical Section Quarry:

This view looks south from a point located just south of Encino Rio. It shows the southbound and northbound free access roads, the southbound off-ramp to Redland Road, southbound and northbound freeway lanes, and one managed lane in each direction separated from the freeway lanes by high-visibility flexible lane delineators. Zoom in to view the southbound and northbound signalized intersections with Redland Road. South of Redland Road motorists have the option of exiting the US 281 freeway lanes to head either west or east on Loop 1604 via direct connector ramps. This is approximately where the southbound managed lane ends and becomes one of three US 281 freeway lanes continuing south. This is also about where the northbound managed lane begins and where the northbound direct connector ramps from Loop 1604 connect with the northbound US 281 freeway lanes.